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Managing quality

We provide professional QM services to the global aviation, automotive, mechanical and plant engineering industries at our site in Friedrichshafen.

Well-known companies, such as EADS Germany, Liebherr Aerospace, Rolls-Royce Germany or Airbus appreciate their cooperation with us.

As an aviation production and maintenance organization we have all the relevant approvals and know the requirements of the industry.

In addition to destructive and non-destructive testing, we carry out demanding measurement tasks and have an excellent calibration service.

We have a long tradition in the production of high-quality and reliable welded structures made from aluminium and steel designed specifically for aviation applications.

We develop appropriate quality management systems for our customers and guide them through to certification. We place value on their high practical relevance.

From an as-is analysis, the implementation of workshops and internal audits, support in the preparation of documentation and training of employees through to certification, we are a professional partner.



Head of Business Unit Aviation & Industrial Service

Tel. +49 7541 202 1446

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Personnel training and development

ZEPPELIN - Aviation Training

Our highly qualified employees are happy to pass on their knowledge. We are starting with an expanded training program into the new year and are providing an excellent level of training to our customers at the same time.

Aviation history and modern aviation are combined at our operation in Friedrichshafen. During production of the “ZEPPELIN NT” we are solely using modern aviation components which have been tested during manufacturing process using the latest NDT technolgies and methods. Welded components used to build the “ZEPPELIN NT” are made by welding specialists trained in-house. Even the NDT inspectors performing the inspections are solely trained in-house. This excellent knowledge regading aviation welding process and NDT are provided to our customers in step with actual practice.

Welding training acoording to aerospace standards is provided in our in-house training department, approved to DVS standards.

NDT Aerospace Training is provided at our headquarter in Friedrichshafen. Our training department providing NDT training is accredited by NANDTB-Germany standards and at the same time complies with the standards EN 4179 / NAS410. Upon request we are able to support our customers and clients regarding NDT training and at the same offering to design the training course to comply with the reqirements to adress specific customer's needs and specifications when doing specific and practical examinations.
Herewith it is ensured to comply with the requirements as described in EU 1321/2014 PART 145, AMC 145.A30, and as such ensured at the same time only NDT inspectors qualified to Level 1 or Level 2 according EN 4179 / NAS410 are performing NDT inspections.

Our NDT-traning is provided in Friedrichshafen as well as in Sankt Augustin. By using state-of-the-art NDT devices, we are able to provide NDT-traning with a high level of actual practice.

As a specialist in the development and implementation of modern quality management systems we also offer extensive training in this area so quality management can be used effectively within companies.

We are offering following trainings:

NDT – Non destruvtive testing (EN 4179 / NAS410):
  • Qualification to Level 1 and Level 2 according EN 4179 /NAS410
  • Training courses:
    - Magnetic Particle Testing
    - Penetrant Testing
    - Radiographic Testing (Film)
Starting 2018:
  • Eddy Current Testing static and dyanmic testing
  • Ultrasonic Testing Impulse-Echo Technic using contact technology only
  • Training and Examination according DIN EN 287 Part 1, DIN EN ISO 9606 Part 2- 5, DIN EN 1418, DIN ISO 24394
  • Internal training on aluminium direct current welding process
Quality Training:
  • quality basics for new employees
  • quality methods for experienced
  • Auditor training
  • FMEA methodology
  • PPAP methodology
  • Statistical methods
  • Statistical process control (SPC methodology)

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