Tensile, bending and fracture testing

Zeppelin is your partner when it comes to determining the mechanical characteristics of your materials or workpieces. As part of the qualification of your welders, Zeppelin relies on its own know-how and accompanies you through the many phases of welder qualification according to DIN EN ISO 9606 and monitoring.

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Tensile, bending and fracture testing

Tensile, bending and fracture tests are tried-and-tested methods for determining specific material properties, such as tensile strength and yield strength, or for obtaining initial findings on fracture mechanics.

The fracture test of a weld specimen is used to determine whether positional bonding defects or other inclusions are present in the weld. The examination of the weld specimen as part of the acceptance of a "welder's qualification test in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9606" is mandatory in the regulated area.