Repair welding

Repair welding is becoming increasingly important in times of sustainability. In addition, considerable costs can be saved if a slightly defective component is not discarded but used after all. Just ask us. We will be happy to go through your parts portfolio and quickly see where repair or reconditioning is an economical alternative.

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Repair welding

Don't give up on your component so quickly - Zeppelin will make it serviceable again. We perform repair welding on castings, milled parts and other components.

By reconditioning and repairing components, Zeppelin performs an important function in maintaining value. As specialists in the aluminum DC welding process, we can repair even sensitive components made of crack-prone magnesium or aluminum alloys with low distortion and virtually no pores. Depending on your needs, we will develop the appropriate repair process for you.

As an EASA Part 145 maintenance organization, we are authorized to declare the airworthiness of the repaired components in coordination with the manufacturing organization. In addition, we are qualified for the repair of defense-related products according to DIN 2303 and welding on rail vehicles according to EN 15085-2.

Wherever repairs are carried out, they must also be tested: take advantage of our materials testing and metrology services at the same time. Everything from a single source.